Beating The Stock Market

The average GetFolio stock recommendation for the past 30 years has made remarkable gains while focusing on two goals:

  1. Avoiding significant drawdown
  2. Sleeping well at night!

The GetFolio Investment Strategy tracks stocks and Indices, combining technical, fundamental, sector, and risk/reward analysis all into one winning system. The strategy guides subscribers to invest strictly in high quality companies only at a time when they represent the most value, with the least amount of risk.

By allocating capital into a diversified value portfolio, the GetFolio investment strategy has strongly outperformed the market consistently for 30 years. Keep reading to find out why thousands of investors and money managers have adopted the GetFolio Investment Strategy.

Ranking Stocks

We have been tracking value & growth stocks for over 30 years, and to this day we are still amazed by the process. What amazes us is the predictability of events like corrections. After all, a stock correction on Wall Street is not a rare event, yet when it happens, investors react as if the end of the world is truly coming. AAPL, MSFT, GOOG, RIMM, INTC, AMZN, ADBE, CMG, CRM are all great companies, but sooner or later they all correct. That is the exact time you should be buying them. The question we face, though, is how to control our risk if the correction is greater than we anticipate?

Is a good PE Ratio, a sufficient enough criteria when one considers an entry point? After all, any stock, at least in theory, has a 50/50 Risk/Reward ratio as it can go either UP or DOWN .

Let's think this through a bit further

Suppose you were an insurance company and were asked to assess a life insurance premium on a person. To an individual who is not familiar with the insurance industry, this may at first look like a 50/50 proposition. After all, the chances that a person will either live or die within the next 30 years are theoretically 50/50, so why would an insurance company undertake such an enormous risk?

Obviously, folks in the insurance industry have other factors which they use to assess their clients' health and protect themselves. A person's age, physical health, current illnesses, lifestyle, location and many other factors, when summed up mathematically, will result in a volatility number for each person.

A 48-year-old American male executive, who travels extensively, smokes, has high blood pressure, and is under stress will most likely have a very high volatility number. This very same number, when applied mathematically to this executive's age (Entry Point) will fairly accurately predict X, a chance of a catastrophic event within the near future.

Now, compare this beautiful logic that insurance companies use to how you normally go about buying stocks and ask yourself the following:

  1. Statistically speaking, great research alone will amount to a 50/50 proposition. How do you protect yourself if your stock continues to drop?
  2. Do you have your stock's volatility number? What factors would you use to calculate the volatility number for your stock to determine your entry point?
  3. How much money should you risk on this one stock? How would you assess your initial position size?

For more than 30 years, the GetFolio Ranking System has accurately anticipated stocks' subsequent relative price performance. The Ranking System screens thousands of stocks, and Indices, and mathematically builds a great portfolio with excellent long term results. This Ranking System is the basis for the GetFolio recommendations, and is a central component of the GetFolio Investment Strategy.

Position Manager

The GetFolio Position Manager is a remarkable investment tool that includes all the features (and more) that a money manager would use in building and managing a professional fund. By properly allocating capital into a basket of high growth stocks, the Position Manager builds a diversified personal portfolio. Positions in companies are started according to their ranking X Score, and managed in accordance with your chosen degree of diversification.

Screening & Ranking

Each trading day, the GetFolio's Position Manager analyzes its database and ranks all stocks in search of new buy signals. Once a stock is determined to be a buy, it is posted into your Recommendation Table as a buy candidate. Unlike other portfolio systems that simply track buys and sells from an accounting and tracking perspective, the GetFolio Position Manager is a money management tool. It is designed to lead you to mechanically managing your portfolio, alerting you to problems and opportunities that exist there. This remarkable tool is your ideal broker, presenting you with opportunities based on mathematical probabilities rather than emotions.

Daily Updates

Each trading day, your Position Manager assesses your portfolio and assigns a ranking number to each stock. This tells you which positions are high risk, which positions need to be reduced, and by how much. By continually comparing and evaluating the stocks in your portfolio, the Position Manager makes sure that you take action according to the risk each position represents in your portfolio.

  • No software to install -- everything is accessed by your internet browser using your personal login.
  • You only need to check your portfolio periodically.
  • Minimal time commitment -- signals in the Position Manager are easy to see, so you know exactly what to do.
  • Invest in stocks, and or Index funds.
  • Tells you when to sell, and also alerts you to your overall portfolio risk level.
  • Calculates how many shares you need to buy.
  • Signals when your risk is disproportionate and alerts you to adjust the size of your position.
  • Manages your stocks, and sort positions by risk, position size, current return, and more.
  • Calculates your portfolio value at resistance and support, as well as your overall estimated portfolio gain at the exit points.
  • Your sector diversification is monitored, and you are alerted to any over-exposure.
  • View your portfolio and the current recommendations simultaneously.
  • Your Position Manager and recommendation list are updated with the latest market information every trading day.
  • Monitors your cash level, keeps a record of your trades, and much more.

Minimum suggested capital $20,000.
We designed and built it for use in our own hedge fund. It wasn't conceptualized or built by system developers, neither of whom understand money management. GetFolio is our own personal tool of choice, and we have been using it exclusively with 100% of our own money for 30 years. We are all used to getting professional help when it comes to legal matters or accounting issues, but many make the mistake of underestimating what it truly costs to learn how to properly manage money, and wind up learning the hard way. What would it be like to know that you made the very best decision with every dollar you spent or saved?

Why GetFolio?

Beating the Market

It's not an Accident, it's a Strategy.

The "wonderful" results of most systems are often the result of computer modeling and the ability to pick the best curve to make the retrospective data appear the most positive. When followed prospectively, many of these models perform much more poorly. What makes GetFolio different? The GetFolio system was developed and tested, using real money on thousands of stocks in both bear and bull markets. Unlike other professional system developers who make their systems look good by optimizing their results to fit a favorable time frame or market condition, the results of the GetFolio strategy are based on fixed risk/reward formulas regardless of any time period.

Two things GetFolio does better than anyone else, and we guarantee it:
  1. Ranking Stocks: For more than 30 years, GetFolio's Ranking System has accurately anticipated stocks' subsequent relative price performance. The Ranking System screens thousands of stocks, and accurately builds a great position in the stocks with the most potential. This Ranking System is the basis of all the recommendations GetFolio provides for you, and is a central component of the GetFolio Investment Strategy.
  2. Portfolio Management: The GetFolio Position Manager is a remarkable investment tool that includes all the features (and more) that a money manager would use in building and managing a professional fund. By properly allocating your capital into a variety of high growth stocks, the Position Manager builds a Power Portfolio, which over the past 30 years has strongly outperformed the market.

Ask yourself a simple question: Is investing a hobby, or is it a serious business that you believe can make you real money? If it's a serious business, then what is it worth to ensure that you don't waste thousands of dollars, struggling to get ahead with risky and ineffective techniques?

Frequently Asked Questions

All the information and our recommendations are regularly and directly posted online, and is accessible using your personal login.
We are not a brokerage. You must have your own personal brokerage account. We recommend using a discount, online broker.
No, we do not offer managed accounts.
No, our strategy is as simple as picking up the top stocks on our list. More about Technical Analysis.
GetFolio is a long-term strategy.
Most subscribers find themselves grasping the concept and mechanics after reading our tutorials and following a few of our recommendations, but in general the process should not take more than 15 minutes each day. As an added convenience, because there is no software to install (everything is accessed via a web browser and your personal login), you can connect to GetFolio from anywhere in the world.
The GetFolio system is a unique, 100% mechanical and unemotional strategy, designed by market veteran and professional money manager Moti Weinberg. The GetFolio ranking system is based on price and volatility action. The exact formulas behind it is proprietary. However, the logic behind the system is explained via many tutorials and examples that are available to you, making it even more obvious why our Historical Performance is so good.
While we do cover the major Indices, our main focus is on high growth stocks.
Our focus is on growth stocks, and we cover small-, mid-, and large-cap stocks.
The system works in any market, but our stock database is mainly geared for the U.S.
The entire GetFolio Strategy is focused on diversification, and subscribers are strongly encouraged to build diversified portfolios. In addition, the GetFolio Position manager provides you with a sector report so you can track how well you are diversified (you are also alerted if you are too heavily concentrated in one sector, or one stock).
You are always in control as to what stocks to buy.
Yes, it is.
The minimum recommendation is $20,000.
No. We prefer to control risk by raising cash levels, as opposed to shorting stocks or the market, which is often unpredictable.
The Pro 50 Position Manager can track up to 50 stocks in one portfolio. We offer the ability to track additional portfolios at an extra charge.
Yes, we offer upgrades to Position Managers that track more stocks for those that want a higher diversification level.
The GetFolio performance guarantee is offered to new subscribers, who follow our timely recommendations. We guarantee that your ROI will outperform the market for the 1-year period of your subscription, or we will refund your subscription fee.
Given the main theory behind our strategy: value, a bear market is our favorite environment. (For that reason, we actually look forward to bear markets, or any market sell off.) Essentially, the GetFolio strategy is designed for managing portfolios in both bull and bear markets, and our Position Manager provides the appropriate signals for managing both types of markets in a mechanical, non-emotional fashion.
We do not offer monthly or other short-term trial subscriptions. Quite honestly, we have serious reservations about selling short term subscriptions as it tends to attract investors looking for instant results, who are the type of subscribers we try to avoid. We recommend following our investment strategy for a full year so you are able to see how the systems reacts over time. Accordingly, our yearly subscription rate has a performance guarantee.

Not a day goes by that our support center does not get an email from a potential subscriber asking for a trial subscription. The emails typically all have the same theme: They have signed up to numerous supposedly "great" strategies or newsletters, but in real life, none have performed as advertised, and they felt like they got cheated out of their subscription costs. Why is it a surprise to them that the newsletters have not performed as advertised? Do they ever?

What most investors miss in their glorified vision of successful investing, is the fact that in real life, the individual investor plays a much bigger role than the newsletter they subscribe too. In fact, the real lesson to all investors should be the fact that making money in the market is not just about stock advice; it's about position sizing. An even bigger shocker may be the fact that about 80% of all investors lack the discipline to follow a coherent strategy, and instead jump from one strategy to another, blaming the investment gurus for their lack of success.

The GetFolio Investment Strategy, and its money management components, are all based on a long-term horizon. For us to offer monthly trials would imply that we beat the market on a monthly basis, and we do not. What we do is beat the market on a yearly basis. That is what we sell, and what we guarantee.
We have been online since 1998, an eternity in the on-line business world!
The GetFolio database (including all customer accounts) is backed up daily, to prevent any data loss due to server malfunctions. The operations of our service can be managed from anywhere in the world. The staff is prepared to take over vital day-to-day functions performed by other members in case one of us is out due to illness or vacations.
Although we are aware of other competitive services or products available on the internet and the general strategies behind them, we do not do in-depth analysis of those products/services as that would require purchasing the product or subscription. You will need to draw your own conclusions, based on the information provided on our respective sites.
We think Dr. Van Tharp's book is simply excellent, but all good money management concepts tend to share the same basic logic. There are many theoretical sources that provide a great education. Reading or attending seminars may improve your overall understanding of the subject matter, but it is another matter altogether to apply it in the real world. The GetFolio Position Manager is a complete and thorough live tool for the practical application of strict money management rules, without emotional obstacles. Our subscribers are impressed with the Position Manager, and we are sure Dr. Van Tharp would be too. Having said that, we strongly recommend any investor who is serious about investing to read Dr. Van Tharp's book "Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom".

We believe Steven, a GetFolio subscriber, said it best in his testimonial letter: "I just can't believe that no one else is doing what you makes so much sense. I have subscribed to a lot of investment newsletters. So many are hung up on Technicals that hardly leave you with a trade to make by the time the light finally turns green. Others are intensely focused upon ascertaining the intrinsic value of the business, the underlying assumption being that some day the rest of the world will agree and the stock price will follow. Your system deals with the empirically-proven behavior of beaten-down stocks and has identified the best way of estimating the inflection points for investment. I especially like the money-management emphasis. I feel very comfortable with it."
We have a very capable tech support team that can answer all of your questions at